How I started technical writing

How I started technical writing

This article covers my journey into technical writing


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Reading ➡ Writing

I am an avid reader and hence I am a huge fan of writing. I have been reading technical blogs since I started college, I got to learn so many things from those blogs. One fine day I saw a blog on medium by one of my seniors on how to build actions for Google Assistant.

Now you may think about what's so special in it. Being a complete beginner in tech the idea of creating an application for a Google product blew my mind. I have to be honest the idea of getting swag from Google was another reason to try it out.

Long story short I created a trivia based on Harry Potter (unfortunately it is not currently available ). And yes I got a T-Shirt from Google.

🧾First Blog

I was excited about the app and shared it with my friends, many of them asked how they could make one that is when the thought of writing a blog came to my mind. So I wrote my first blog about Actions for Google Assistant. The experience was really great, I learned how to handle criticisms and I started to appreciate technical writers more.

📉 The Fallback

I stopped publishing my blogs after a while. The main was thought that came to my mind "there are already so many articles on the same topic then why should I write one, will it be useful for people", well this thought fuelled by my imposter syndrome lead me to stop blogging.

When I joined the Hahsnode community back in April 2021, I was really inspired by the blogs of the community members, I thought of starting a blog again. So I started Coffee and Code intending to get on track with blogging.

🎙 Hashnode Bootcamp

When I learned about the recent Hashnode Bootcamp, I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about technical writing and restart my journey as a blogger. I was right the first session by Sam Sycamore, Edidiong Asikpo and Quincy Larson gave me a whole new perspective on technical writing and gave me the confidence to write this blog.

Well, my mindset changed after the first session, now I am more confident about writing blogs.

💭 Motivation to keep going

  • I love to teach people

    I have taught so many students as part of various community programs and the comments and responses I get after those sessions make me happy. Usually, the number of students is limited in these sessions. Writing blogs would help me share my knowledge with a larger audience.

  • It helps me to think

    We are humans and we always think. Writing a blog helps me to think from various perspectives, how to make it simple, how should I present this, how can I make it interesting. While writing I usually think deeply about a concept which helps to understand it better. I try to make notes before giving a talk or taking a session, this helps to increase my storytelling ability and hence helps to deliver the content in a simple and meaningful way.

  • Document my journey

    It applies to writing in general. While writing technical articles I try to document what I have learned, how I built a project, productivity, etc. In our life, wins and losses are common but the experience of each one will be different we need to document it. It will help us analyze how far we have come and our wins will inspire us to not give up and our losses will teach us to improve our life

🎯 My goals as a writer

  • Be consistent

    I have failed to be consistent in the past. If you are surrounded by the right people you will have the ability to push yourself and get things done. The blogs by the Hashnode community members inspire me to write more.

  • Create an identity

    As a writer and a developer, I would like to create an identity through the content I share. I would like this to be " his articles are really helpful for individuals who are getting into tech, you should definitely check it out."

Thank you for reading till the end. I hope this is the beginning of many more blogs to come.

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